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Living with Intention

What are you doing? And why are you doing it? These are two questions that can impact your life in an extremely positive way. The answers to these questions can lead to a better you, both physically and mentally. Recently,…

2021 Skincare Scoop

2021 Scoop…Skincare Wellness! 2020 put health on the forefront, with a strong desire to not only be conscientious about what we are putting in our bodies but also what products we are putting on our skin. Certainly, skincare trends come…

Experiencing Maskne?

Maskne 2020 is a year not to be forgotten. A year full of uncertainty and self-reflection. Everyone has been affected somehow by the events of this past year in one way or another. In the earlier part of the year,…

Benefits of GINAMARIE’s Nutrient Serum for the Skin

Why the change in the Nutrient Serum when it was exceptional already? The ingredient, Bakuchiol (pronounced: bah-koo-chee-ole) was first introduced to me by our chemist almost two years ago. It has never been our policy to make rash decisions when…

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