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Quality Continuing Education:

Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Nail Technicians, Teachers

Classes, Workshops, Home Study, Private Instruction

We offer a wide range of quality education, at reasonable prices, which includes Classes, Workshops and Home Study, as well as Private Instruction.

Developed in a background of 60 years of experience in every aspect of Cosmetology, Esthetics, Nail Technology, and Teaching.

We are approved sponsors for continuing education in the state of Illinois.

License #190-000203

Your Education Is Our Priority!

Home Study Courses

You can choose to have your course shipped to you as a physical booklet (shipping cost $8.75), or download the PDF file (no shipping cost). If the Home Study you choose includes a Kit or a DVD, you will be charged shipping costs for it.




Teaching Methodology

General Study

“In-Person” Classes are resuming with strict guidelines.If you are unable to attend in-person, you may obtain your classroom hours with our Live Webinars!

NEW 2020 Law: 1 CE Hour in Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is required with each renewal. This new requirement is not an additional hour but instead included in the designated hours your license requires.

Continuing Educations, Inc. is an approved sponsor of Continuing Education in the state of Illinois (License #190-000203). All of our home study courses have been approved for license renewal within the Illinois licensing law. The following guidelines will assist you in meeting the state requirements. The Illinois Department of Professional Regulation allows only 50% of your continuing education hour requirements to be credited through home study programs. The balance must be obtained through personally attended classroom instruction. We invite and encourage you to take as many courses as you wish for education purposes…but if you are applying the C.E. credits towards your license renewal please note the information below. Our home study courses are prepared as a classroom alternative and every attention is given to ensure quality education. You may take any and all of the courses offered, however, if the courses you choose are intended to be used as a C.E. credit toward a particular license renewal, the Department of Professional Regulation has specific guidelines as to which courses qualify for continuing education credit in each profession. When choosing your courses, be aware that the state does not recognize the duplication of courses within a given renewal period.

Illinois Continuing Education Credit Allowance through Home Study Courses:

  • Cosmetologists – 14 Hours (7 hours of home study allowed)
  • Nail Technicians – 10 Hours (5 hours of home study allowed)
  • Estheticians – 10 Hours (5 hours of home study allowed)
  • Cosmetology Teachers – 24 Hours (12 hours of home study allowed)
    -10 hours must be in teaching methodology
  • Nail & Esthetician Teachers – 20 Hours (10 hours of home study allowed)
    -10 hours must be in teaching methodology

Please note: It is required that a class in Domestic Violence also be taken. This one-time class requirement is also part of, not in addition to, the already required CE hours of your professional license. *At this time we will not be offering this class.


Not all states require continuing education for renewal of the license. Those that do, may have restrictions on the courses they will accept and may require that the provider of CE education be approved and licensed by the state. It is important that you know what your state requirements are and that your provider is properly licensed.

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