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See What GINAMARIE Clients Have To Say:

Loved my facial. My skin is so glowy. Can’t wait to come back and try the makeup!  ~ Megan H.

I came here just expecting a facial and left with so much more!! Not only was everyone super awesome but very knowledgeable. The facial was a very relaxing and pleasant experience. The shop itself is super cute and clean. Ginamarie gave me a tour. If it weren't for buying the LivingSocial coupon I would have not known this was here. I will be back! I cannot say enough about it.  ~ Karin B.

Fabulous and relaxing place. I had a fantastic facial. Very friendly and welcoming spa. Highly recommend!!!  AJ - B

I have been using Ginamarie Products since the 1980s. I have enjoyed them greatly, and I am fully pleased with them. Gina's mom, Filomena Arends, the original owner and also a former Skin Instructor at the Vo-Tech School in Naples, Florida helped me with my skin problems I was having at that time. She performed the most thorough and deep facials on my face to get rid of all the toxic substances from my skin. After several of those facials and using her great products my skin was completely clear and smooth. I then got rid of all my previous skin products, and started using what I call their "magic" Ginamarie skin products . Some of the products I use daily are Liquid Loofah Cleanser, foundation, blush, etc. etc. They produce the best skin products on the market. I would not buy any other skin products but Ginamarie. Also, they have an outstanding customer service department who make sure products are delivered promptly. I am blessed to use this skin product line for over thirty years and that they are made in the United States of America.

Berta - Freeport, FL

This was outstanding. My appointment was with Ashley-I am normally indifferent about facials but this was incredible. When I left, my skin looked and felt fabulous. If you are considering it, buy it. Well worth the money.


I was introduced to these products as a licensed cosmetologist while attending a CE class on Skin Care and Cosmetics. I learned that cleansing properly and applying "clean" cosmetics, which do not contain heavy oils that weigh down skin and clog pores, are best for the skin. I am still enjoying my morning routine of Hydrating Mist, Herbal E Oil, then Rejuvenation Crème, makes my skin feel great! I have been using these products for 10 plus years! I love being able to get questions answered and catching up with Gina when I can. This is a Great Company.

Carol - CO Springs, Co

Ashley is great!! She is super knowledgeable and informative. The facial was amazing! Definitely going back, again! ~ Eva


I have been a Ginamarie user for a very long time.  I love the Herbal E Oil, Rejuvenation Crème, Liquid Loofah Cleanser, Toning Treatment, Liquid Foundation, Lipsticks.  I am 74 year old woman and attribute my smooth face to all the Ginamarie Products I currently use. Thank you Ginamarie for this great product line.

Marilyn - IL

I am a man that has been using your products since 1990! It was a stage make-up class I was required to take when getting my theater degree that led me on a search for skin care products.  The harsh make-up and the inability to get it all off was quickly, not only aging my face, but ruining my skin! Ginamarie's Liquid Loofah Cleanser did the trick! And even years later, I find it to be the only product that keeps my skin healthy and clean. I don't know what I do without it!

Frank - Evanston, IL

Julie was amazing. My skin looks and feels amazing!!      ~Kristine


I’ve been using Ginamarie for 30+ years, and there is no comparison to what’s out there, a lot of stuff with ingredients your skin cannot use or need. I trust Ginamarie Products because the stay with what they believe and do not keep adding stuff to keep up with the skin fads.

Diane - Naples, FL

I have been a customer of Ginamarie for over 30 years. There was a period of time when I did not use the products, but eventually when my skin looked tired, uneven, dull, breakouts, etc., I found myself calling the one company I knew I could trust to bring me back to looking my best. Gina Marie did not question my absence, but instead welcomed me back and helped me with education and a plan to restore my skin to not only look its best, but feel soft and have that healthy glow. Over the course of time, I have attended fun workshops, learned many fashion tips and makeup application. I am so glad that I picked up the phone. I know that no matter what my age, with the help of Ginamarie products, I am confident that I look my best.      Juli - Tinley Park

Juli - Tinley Park, IL

The industrial location of the salon is deceiving. You are pleasantly surprised when you walk into a salon filled with ambience and friendly personnel. I had a skin resurfacing facial and was lucky enough to get Ingrida as my esthetician. She explained the purpose of each holistic product applied and it’s benefit. I also received a hand massage and make up tips. I was in great hands with her. Very welcoming, relaxing environment.  ~Barbara

Carol - Aurora, IL

Holistic. Educational. Inspiring.

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