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The skin care products that you have been introduced to are the reason for the creation of a line of healthy, compatible cosmetics. To cleanse, nourish, tone and support the skins’ own moisture system would go for naught if a heavily laden mineral oil and/or animal fat make-up were applied.

In keeping with the natural, clean feeling of GINAMARIE products, this line of cosmetics were designed to enhance the skin and assist in correcting and preventing skin problems. Because the entire product line has been formulated to work together and bring out the best of each other, the addition of any “outside product” in your skin regimen is unnecessary.

Not only does this cosmetic line enhance the facial appearance, without a heavy made-up look, it is easily cleansed from the skin with water. These products become your own “liquid assets”.

Knowing that oil and water do not mix, it is a comfort to find that each of the products work well and blend well with water. You now have the tools to apply your cosmetics with control over the intensity, because you are working with nature’s healthiest medium…water.

Remember, make-up is never an alternative to healthy skin. It only enhances one’s appearance. The combination of good skin and clean cosmetics is the ONLY way to keep skin looking its best.

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