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General Studies Home Study Classes

Anatomy Review

5 CE

Anatomy is the groundwork for all your treatment services. An easy reading course of study that will review this essential information and allow you to have a better understanding of hair, skin & nails – whichever is your specialty. This course also includes the five senses which are so often overlooked. What could be more important than knowing and understanding your own body.

Deficiencies in Hair, Skin & Nails

3 CE

An audio presentation along with easy to understand text on the vitamin and mineral requirements of hair, skin and nails as well as the entire human body. A vitamin and mineral chart is included identifying diseased conditions associated with nutritional deficiencies. Important Information/Well Presented.

Deficiencies in Hair, Skin & Nails (HS)


Marketing & Improving The Bottom Line

5 CE

A Home Study Workshop. Unlike most home study courses, the subject matter requires a detailed account of you personally, your business and your goals. The object to this home study workshop is to give you the tools that will enable you to market your business and/or yourself. This course will give you step by step instruction of how to market and increase your bottom line.

Marketing & Improving The Bottom Line (HS)


Messages With A Meaning

1 CE

A fun course to get your point across without offending. Great for salon management, great for self examination and good stuff that everyone should be aware of.

Improving Communication Skills

2 CE

It is not always what you say but how you say it that brings the end result. This course offers a wealth of information, insight and guidance to enable you to use your communication skills to your best advantage. The workbook provides useful information for both personal and professional relationships.

Setting Goals / Attitudes / Reaching Success

3 CE

Starting with “baby steps” to giant strides…this workbook is a “how to” designed to guide you through proven techniques necessary to reach your goals. A Course That Serves Many Purposes!

Setting Goals/Attitudes/Reaching Success (HS)


First Aid Kit For Problems & Solutions

5 CE

This course introduces you to simple remedies and many healing gifts of nature that are available to all of us for the treatment of hair, skin & nails. Learn more about the wonders of *Dead Sea Salts *Mangosteen *Vinegar *Olive Oil and so much more. Included: A First Aid Kit of solutions you will find helpful. An informative course!

Product Knowledge

3 CE

* Nutritional Deficiencies in Hair, Skin, and Nails
* Connecting the Disconnects of Skin
* Setting Goals/Attitudes/Reaching Success

This course is intended to give the Cosmetologist well-rounded information to help further them in their career. The more we know the more value we have to our clientele

Putting It All Together

7 CE

A combination of Setting Goals, Connecting The Disconnects of Skin and Nutritional Deficiencies. This course is intended to give the student well-rounded information to help further them in their career.

(Course includes: Audio CD & Workbook)

* Cancellation by credit voucher only.

DVD Policy:

Every effort has been made to recreate the classroom for the home study student. Courses are available in text, workbook, audio, and DVD presentations. Our DVD courses offer a host of artists/educators from here and abroad assuring you the very best skills and techniques. The DVD Policy below has been instituted to allow us to make all video courses affordable to all students.

The instructional DVDs are learning tools that offer you the highest quality of education. To keep these courses affordable, the DVDs are on a loan basis. Students may keep the DVD for a period of 30 days and return it with their completed examination. They may request approval for an extension by calling 800-669-8718. They also have the option to purchase.   Complete details are included in your Home Study Instruction Sheet.

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