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The mission of GINAMARIE is to educate individuals on caring for their skin through our effective simple, holistic skincare and clean cosmetic line. Inspiring true beauty and enhancing that which lies within each of us, is at the heart of our company.

Our Story

In 1978, my mother, Filomena Arends, who has over 60 years of experience in the beauty industry, developed the GINAMARIE Product line. She was on a mission to create a skincare line that was simple, effective, and took a commonsense approach to caring for our skin.  When formulating the product line she made the decision to name the company after here only daughter, Gina Marie. My mother’s passion was to educate others about the health of their skin from a holistic perspective. She formulated our skincare line to be compatible with skin as an organ ensuring that each product be pH balanced, water-based, gentle, antioxidant rich, and made with naturally derived ingredients. Once the GINAMARIE skincare line was in place, Filomena knew that clean cosmetics were the next step to incorporate into the line. “Every woman wears makeup,” she would say, “and to have them put cosmetics on that will plug the pores makes no sense whatsoever.”

With so many products on the market, GINAMARIE has found its niche by specializing in professional and consumer education. Having a personal relationship with our clients is a top priority. We are not looking to “sell”; but rather to educate both the professional and the consumer on their skin and then letting them make an informed decision on caring for it. My mother developed GINAMARIE Products over 41 years ago with the intention of offering personalized skincare products and professional treatments aimed at improving the health of our clients’ skin. It is with tremendous pride that I can say our commitment to providing our clients with the finest holistic skincare and clean cosmetics continues in the GINAMARIE Product tradition.

                                                                                                                                            ~ Gina Marie

Meet Gina Marie

Gina Marie McGuire is a licensed esthetician, president of GINAMARIE Products and Continuing Educations, Inc. She has over 30 years experience in the skincare industry and has been educating professionals and the consumer for the majority of her career. Gina Marie’s philosophy on caring for skin has always been from the science point of view versus  the marketing side of skincare. Her approach in understanding and caring for skin is from a holistic perspective.  She feels strongly that when treating skin from the health standpoint, the results are amazing. Gina Marie brings a wealth of information to the classroom as she has extensive experience in retail, manufacturing, wholesaling, public speaking, educating, marketing, and skin therapy treatments. She is considered a leading expert in the skincare field and has a strong desire to share her wealth of knowledge in the advancement of the beauty industry.  As a result of her leadership, Gina Marie was nominated for the 2019 Aestheticians’ Choice Award for Brand Educator and has been featured several times in professional skin magazines. Furthermore, Gina Marie has been asked on multiple occasions to share her insight at local and national conferences for professionals in the industry and consumers alike.

Gina Marie owns and operates GINAMARIE Skin Therapy Center, Continuing Educations, and the corporate headquarters in Mokena, IL.  Her company is an approved sponsor for license renewal in the state of Illinois which offers a variety of classes and workshops for advanced training purposes as well as 38 home study courses are available for continuing education.

The GINAMARIE Skin Therapy Center provides holistic spa services aimed at  improving the health of skin and Mini Beyond Beauty Care Workshops ensuring clients have everything they need to feel confident and beautiful. In 2016, the GM Girl’s Internship Program was launched. This innovative platform utilizing social media is designed for high school, college girls and young women in the workforce. The GM Girls share their expertise on skincare, cosmetics, and lifestyle through the GINAMARIE website’s beauty blog for the sole purpose of inspiring what true beauty really means. In addition to the GM Girls’ Internship Program, the Glam Camp was developed for younger girls 5th through 8th grade. This unique camp helps to build confidence and inspire adolescent minds on what it means to be strong, beautiful, confident young women.

With the same intention as her mother, Gina Marie has made it her mission to educate, to inspire and to ultimately make a difference in the lives of those she encounters.    

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