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Why Sticking To A Skincare Regimen Is So Important

Why Sticking To A Skincare Regimen Is So Important



We cannot live without our skin. It is the largest, uninterrupted organ of our body. It is the only line of defense we have to the world that we live in.

Our skin, from an anatomical standpoint, has certain requirements to keep it healthy and vibrant. These requirements are exactly the same as any other organ of our body. To simplify what can be a very complex subject let’s break it down to four main requirements.

1. Proper Cleansing

2. Nourishment

3. Muscle Tone and Vascular Activity

4. Moisture Support


Let’s take a closer look at what each of these steps entail.





We must remember what we are cleansing – an organ of the body. We have as many as 2800 openings (pores) per square inch of skin. Our cleanser should be water-based because water is what moves in and out of all of these openings and assists in flushing the dirt and debris out of our pores. A pH balanced cleanser is essential for the health of our skin and occlusive ingredients are to be avoided as they will not allow the product to penetrate past the top layer of skin but rather roll around this dead layer creating build-up and a variety of other skin conditions.





In order to keep this organ (skin) healthy, nourishment must be part of our daily skincare regimen. No doubt what we eat has a serious role in the nourishing of our skin. Therefore, being conscientious about what we put into our mouth is a must. Choosing skincare products that have vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals will assist in the healing and strengthening of our skin. Sticking to the same rule, water as a main ingredient and avoiding ingredients that will only lay on the top layer of skin, will ensure that these highly effective ingredients can do their job.


Tone Muscles – Stimulate Vascular Activity



When we work a muscle we automatically increase circulation. You can’t have one without the other. Just as any other muscle in the body you can feel it contract and relax. The same holds true for the facial muscles. There is a very big difference between “toners” and “toning” a muscle. Don’t be fooled. The only way one can tighten skin no matter where it is located on the body is through a muscle or surgery. If you cannot “feel” it working the muscle, you must ask yourself what is it toning? There are skincare products that will trigger those motor points and work the muscles as well as non-invasive facial machines. It is not necessary to use or receive aggressive type treatments to achieve toned muscles. As for the importance of increasing vascular activity, this is the key to healing skin. The only way you can heal anything is through the blood supply. Therefore, the quality of our blood is a critical factor in achieving healthy skin.


Moisture Support



It is impossible to put moisture back into the skin but you most certainly can support your skins’ own natural moisture system. Each of us are born with so many oil glands as they act as our own natural moisturizer. As we age the skin can become drier as well as other contributing factors such as overexposure to the sun, certain medications, vitamin deficiencies, lack of water intake, and illness. The key to keeping our skin supple, not greasy, is to use highly-refined oils and/or water-based creams that will not clog the pores. We never want to inhibit our own natural oil from coming to the surface. The final thought on moisture, if you have enough of your own natural oil and are not dry, why would you be using a moisturizer? Your skin will let you know if it is dry or dehydrated. Use your “moisture support” when and where you need it. Don’t waste product.


Simple and Effective


When you simplify caring for your skin you are more likely to stick to a skincare regimen resulting in a successful outcome. Having a good understanding of what you are using and why will also give value to your daily skincare regimen and be your motivation. Just like any other organ of our body, skincare should be easy and simple to use.


Remembering, skin is two-sided. The inside takes care of itself. It is our responsibility to topically duplicate what our body does internally. Meeting the daily requirements of our skin is the key to achieving and maintaining healthy skin. Switching and changing products and routines are counterproductive and will prevent you from seeing true, lasting results. Although it is very tempting to try the latest and greatest, skin needs very little to keep it healthy and radiant. Less is always better when we treat skin from the health standpoint. Give the organ what it needs and you can expect to see improvement. A little commonsense goes along way in life and most definitely when it comes to caring for our skin.



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