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by Michael McGuire, CEO of GM Revolution

Men and self-care are not two words that are often used in the same sentence. In fact, when envisioning what self-care looks like, it typically involves women relaxing at a spa with maybe a glass of wine in hand. While this imagery does not often resonate with the modern man, self-care for men is an important selling point when it comes to marketing towards male clients.

For women, there is an entire market of products and services dedicated to self-care. For men, the options are limited. What most men inherently understand is the importance of their image, physical health, and underlying strength of their lives. Whether they know it or not, that upper body workout in the gym is an excellent form of self-care. When it comes to men and self-care, the key driver behind everything is intent. When men are intentional in what they are doing, why they are doing it, and see their actions drive results, only then will they buy into the system. In order to market this self-care to men, the same philosophy of a dedicated workout routine has to be applied.


In the skin care industry in particular, there is a large education gap in the male market. In order to market self-care to men, professionals need to meet them where they are and incorporate acts of self-care into existing places in their lives. Men fundamentally understand the power of positive self-image. Connecting that feeling of confidence to self-care uses concepts that men can grab onto. Furthermore, it is important to show men that their self-care routines can be taken to the next level.

Much of the existing self-care routines for men are purely physical acts of maintaining a healthy body and image. To take it a step further, the skin care industry holds a unique position to help men connect their mind and body. Seeing products drive healthy results over time is a physical benefit, but most men would agree that the act of self-care and intention in the moments of looking into the mirror are the real benefits of any routine. When marketing self-care to men, highlighting the mental benefits is just as important as the physical when tapping into what really motivates men.

Key motivators for men include control, confidence, success, and achievement. Understanding what motivates men is crucial to marketing self-care to them. When it comes to selling products, there is still no greater motivator than the confidence that intentional self-care brings. Furthermore, in a world where some men feel they have less control over their lives, self-care routines are ways to take back control of the small things. By using language that men are familiar with and by meeting them where they are, marketing self-care to men turns into seamlessly integrating just a few more intentional acts into their existing routine.

When men find something that works for them, they are a raving fan for life. The skin care industry is set up for great success to tap into this market and give men something that has been seriously lacking for so long. It is time to normalize men’s self-care.

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