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Modifying Menus: Spa Treatments for Men

by Michael McGuire, CEO of GM Revolution

Modifying Spa Treatments for Men

The emerging trend of men’s skincare has been a hot topic in the beauty industry for the past few years. In fact, I would go as far as to say that men’s skincare is no longer emerging; but rather, it is here– and here to stay. While most, and certainly the best, products should be applicable to both men’s and women’s skin, it is apparent that the relative brands are marketing very differently towards each target customer.

If the products work for both markets, why is there such a disparity? Simply put, men and women respond differently to the way products and services are marketed and delivered. If this is true for products, it is certainly true for spa treatments and services as well. This article will be focusing on how we, as estheticians, can revolutionize the way men experience the treatment room for the new market that has been knocking at the door for quite some time.

In order to customize the spa treatment room, we must first think about why men are getting treatments in the first place. Now every man is different, but there are a few common themes that we see in our male clientele. First, we see the “escapee.” This is a man that has a fast-paced lifestyle and not only comes to the spa for a skin treatment but also as a relaxing escape from his crazy life. Secondly, we have the “modern man.” Quite opposite from the escapee, the modern man is looking for a quick facial treatment, not as an opportunity to relax as much as he needs to look good, feel good, and get back to work. Finally, we have the “anti-ager.” This is a man that is going to do everything he can to keep his skin looking young and healthy and is probably in a career in which he needs to always look his best. When it comes to serving male clientele, we have to first identify which archetype he is and accommodate his services accordingly.

Once we understand why a man is coming to us in the first place, we need to be able to best serve his particular needs in the treatment room. In order to properly know who we are dealing with, it is always best to start with a skin consultation that goes beyond skin concerns and touches on the fundamental reasons why he came to the spa. Let’s start with the “escapee.” This is a man looking for the works. When you think of the escapee, think about how to maximize every part of his spa experience. A man can go to many places to blow off steam and relax, but he chose to come to you. Therefore, it is our job to exceed his expectations to choose the spa over the golf course any day of the week. How do we do this? It starts with the little things. This could be a hot towel upon his entrance or a complimentary face massage before or after the treatment. The opportunity for creativity at this point is endless. We want him thinking, “Wow they didn’t have to do that but I’m happy they did.” Remember that most men are not used to being pampered. Let’s use this to our advantage and show them what it is all about. When it comes to the actual treatment, everything we do needs to have one word in mind: relaxation.

Secondly, we have the “modern man” who is looking for a quick confidence boost in order to look good and feel even better. The key theme to focus on here is maximizing results in a shorter window of time. This type of man most likely does not have time for the full package but is still going to demand exceptional results. This is also an opportunity to introduce male clientele to a proper at-home routine to take the spa into his own home. The beautiful part about serving the “modern man” is that when you deliver exceptional results, he is going to come to you for the full package when he has the time.

Finally, we have the “anti-ager” who is going to be a hybrid of the two other archetypes. This man is going to be the most passionate about the results of the service while also demanding the whole package as well. This is a good opportunity to introduce new treatments and products that can help him advance his own routines. Ultimately, the first step to customizing the treatment room for men is to know why they are there in the first place. Once we understand the reason, we can deliver exactly what he is looking for and cater the spa experience to meet those needs.

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