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Facial Masking 101


Facial masking is an essential, yet often forgotten and misunderstood part of a home skincare regimen. Dating back centuries, facial masks were used for religious, cultural and beautification reasons. So why do we mask today? Which one is best for our skin? How often?



The purpose of any skincare mask is threefold: healthy skin maintenance between facial treatments, addressing your skin care concerns, and strengthening/balancing your skin barrier.

Different masks can really target specific skin care concerns. These concerns can range from acne breakouts to exfoliation, dehydration, or pigmentation among others. Your skin can be affected by environment, sleep patterns, stress levels, product misuse or build up, medical conditions and lifestyle. Whatever the concern, personal skincare issues are ever changing.

This is where masking comes in. While it focuses on treating your specific skin issue, it also brings your skin barrier back into balance. Why is this so important? Because our skin is like a coat of armor, protecting us from bacteria, water loss, extreme temperatures and damaging sunlight. So when it is compromised, so is our overall health.

GINAMARIE Skincare has 3 award-winning facial masks to choose from, all available for home purchase and can be used weekly. First, the Hydrating Charcoal Mask contains activated charcoal to detoxify, along with avocado and apricot kernel oil for hydration. In addition, we have added antioxidants, such as green tea, and various herbs and humectants to further strengthen the skin. Second is our Clarifying Mint Mask, which packs a powerful punch with bentonite clay and salicylic acid. Both help to regulate oil and inflammation while gently exfoliating dead cells and increasing circulation. Finally, our Facial Toning Mask, a real multitasker. This masks tones muscles, tightens skin and gently exfoliates with papaya enzymes, leaving the skin strong, healthy and glowing.


Like a short walk, a good read or anything that brings you back to center, masking is a small self care act that has both immediate and long term results if done consistently. They can improve your skin concerns, while also strengthening and balancing your skin barrier, our first line of defense. Not to mention – masking allows you a little “me time”. So sit back, relax, and enjoy multi-masking!


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