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Guest Speaker School Program

As the president of GINAMARIE and Continuing Educations, Inc., my main objective with our Guest Speaker Program is to connect with beauty schools and assist them with filling in the gaps for their students and instructors. Understanding that there is only so much instructors can teach in the allotted hours, my goal is to help the students and the school be as successful as possible with added education. We have been providing continuing education for beauty professionals for a multitude of years offering a wide range of classes and home study courses. We are also approved sponsors of continuing education for the state of Illinois.

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Throughout my years of working with licensed professionals, I have found that many estheticians / cosmetologists lack confidence in specific areas after graduation. Below is a sampling of topics that we offer. Each topic could range from 1 – 2 hours long either in-person, depending on school location, or via Zoom.

  • Product Knowledge – a better understanding of pH balance, ingredients, how to determine if a product is effective, etc.
  • Analyzing Skin – what to look for and how to determine if improvement can be made in the skin through effective products and facial treatments
  • Normalizing Men’s Skincare
  • Simplifying the Complexity of Skin
  • How to prescribe facial treatments and home use without having to sell
  • Effective Consultations
  • Goal Setting
  • Improving Communication Skills and Self Confidence
  • Retailing
  • And more…

Professional Skincare – Delivering Results

We welcome the opportunity for partnership ~ offering competitive pricing with an effective, simple line making it even easier for your students success in and out of the classroom! Our advanced complimentary training for your instructors is just one of the many perks of a partnership that is there to help your school and students to be the leading experts in the industry!

GINAMARIE has been in the skincare industry for over 43 years providing professional, award-winning, holistic skincare and clean cosmetics for women.

GM Revolution – a professional men’s skincare line developed to meet the demand of men’s skincare.

Please let us know how our Guest Speaker Program can assist you and how I personally can add to the success of your your esthetic program. In addition, we’d love to share more information about what a partnership can do for your school.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate professionals through advanced training, empowering them to become experts in the beauty industry.

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