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The Emerging Trend of Men’s Skincare

by Michael McGuire, CEO of GM Revolution

The Emerging Trend of Men’s Skincare

When I think about the beauty and skincare industry, I cannot help but think of myself as a young boy. Growing up in the beauty industry, having a skincare routine was synonymous with learning how to ride a bike. In my teenage years, while my friends struggled with acne, I was at home doing nightly clay masks. You may be reading this and laughing to yourself at the image of a teenage boy enjoying a facial treatment, but for me, this was entirely normal… until I realized this was far from the reality for most men.

Throughout my life, I have witnessed men both young and old that had not only washed their faces with the likes of a three-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, but had also never even heard of a skincare routine. Today, I am going to share with you my thoughts on the importance of men’s skin health and how this trend is emerging to be a disruptor in the overall industry.

At the core, men’s skin health is all about taking care of our skin as the body’s largest organ. Notice that I use the word health; healthy skin is a healthy body. Just as a man is likely to spend hours every week in the gym or going on runs to maintain a healthy body, introducing a skincare routine is equivalent to the protein powder in that post-workout shake. While a man works hard in the gym or at work, he is exposing 2800 openings per square inch of skin to constant sweat and dirt. Combining that hard work with having a skincare routine makes sure that the body not only feels healthy but also looks healthy.

So, the ultimate question becomes, “does a man need a bathroom stocked with hundreds of jars, bottles, and sprays?” For a man already hesitant to spend money on products, I will walk you through the basics of healthy skin. First, it all starts with a daily cleanser (no, shampoo is not a substitute). Men are more likely to have oily skin than women so it is important to find a water-based, vitamin-enriched cleanser that is going to deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin’s day-to-day wear, while also maintaining natural hydration. Furthermore, a cleanser works great when used in wet shaving. This way, the dead skin is shaved off and immediately healed with the cleanser. For men that do suffer from dry skin, especially in the winter months, a moisturizer is key to keeping the skin hydrated and healthy. Not only is a moisturizer going to keep the skin hydrated, but it also works to diminish fine lines and scarring. Finally, a man’s skin is bound to age. I have seen time and time again men whose skin makes them look ten years older than they really are due to sun damage and poor skin hygiene. It is just as important to keep our bodies young and healthy as we grow older as it is to maintain our youthful skin. Key ingredients such as bakuchiol, hyaluronic acid, and niacin, have incredible anti-aging qualities that work to nourish the skin while helping to reverse and correct sun damage.

Alright, so now that we can all objectively agree that it is in a man’s best interest to take care of his skin, how can we get over that hill that sometimes seems like a mountain when it comes to the stigma surrounding men’s skincare? The best answer to that is through education. While a man’s wallet may temporarily get away with those 3-in-1 products, the long-term health of his skin will not be so lucky. Furthermore, it is only in educating the consumer of the overall health benefits of a skincare routine that we can break the poor habits and the stigma surrounding self-care.

Fortunately, this conversation is happening all over the world. From Korean skincare brands to male public figures in the United States, people are finally talking about the importance of men’s skincare and the definition of masculinity is being reshaped. And the numbers show, too. According to a Grand View Research report, the men’s skincare industry is projected to grow 6% annually with an already established market value of USD 12 billion. I think back to those teenage days of face masks and I see a future generation that has no shame in taking care of their skin. As professionals dedicated to the health of our clients, the time is now to start educating and treating the men in our lives. At the end of the day, skincare is not about beauty or glam, although it can be. Skincare is about maintaining the health of our bodies, starting with skin as our first line of defense.

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