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College Credit Information

What is Required from Interns:

  • Exude professional communication between the Director of the GM Girls, your fellow interns as well as your followers.
  • Be punctual. Make sure to make deadlines for certain assignments and projects.
  • Be professional and educated. Conduct yourself in a way that you, your family, future employers and professors would be impressed with.
  • Use your creativity to go above and beyond assignments.
  • Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone with photography, writing, communication and videos.

Monthly Responsibilities:

Write a 150 word minimum beauty blog featuring assianged topics. Each blog will have an overall segment of either Skincare, Makeup of Lifestyle.

Blogs are required to include four professional photos. Interns work on their photography skills and explore their creativity throughout this internship.

Interns are required to share their blogs on their social media platforms. Knowing the correct way to communicate their blog’s message with their followers is a great way to increase their communication skills.

Social Media: 
Our interns are social media influencers. Part of their internship is promoting not only their blogs but GINAMARIE Products. Taking the time to learn about the products and be able to promote and market our products to their followers. There are multiple social media responsibilities for each month. Posts, shares, stories, etc.

Interns are strongly encouraged to create video tutorials on “Daily Skincare”, “How to Apply Makeup Correctly,” “How to Inspire Others”, Etc.

Words of Wisdom: 
“Inspiring True Beauty” is the motto of our company and the GM Girls in particular. These interns are expected above all to inspire others to find their inner beauty and share positivity and inspiration. Being positive role models for their peers as well as those younger than them is the ultimate goal. There are so many influencers in the world today sending the wrong message. GINAMARIE’s goal is to fill it with positive, educated, loving GM Girls to help girls build confidence and find self-love.

Spread the word about our internship and help grow our community. Recruitment is a huge part of our internship. To recruit others the girls need to be knowledgeable of our message, our products and use their communication and marketing skills to recruit new applicants.

Marketing and Promotion:
Reaching out to publications to have their writing and photography published in professional magazine, online, and/or social media.

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