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Beyond Beauty Care In-Home Workshop

This unique workshop allows YOU to combine beauty with health, and gives YOU a chance to focus on YOU and the needs of your skin. Ginamarie Products provides YOU with an education on how to take care of your skin and to experience clean cosmetics.

An experience to last a lifetime!

What You Can Expect At A Beyond Beauty Care Workshop:

LEARN what your skin requires

BRING your personal make-up to see if it meets the “clean cosmetic” test

TEST YOUR OWN SKIN to determine the degree of
square Sun Damage
square Premature Aging
square Sluggishness
square Lines & Wrinkles

For More Information call 800-452-2116.

DISCOVER first-hand the present condition of your skin and options for improvement.

EXPERIENCE clean cosmetics that protect, enhance, and maintain healthy skin

CREATE color harmony with make-up and wardrobe.

ACHIEVE complete control of your skin!

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