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The Future is Bright!

I hope everyone is ready for the end of winter with the beginning of warmer weather and and blooming flowers! Before you know it, the sun will be out and the coats will come off. While doing some research on the trends coming up for spring of 2020, I have noticed many similarities in the carious fashion shows that are recently taking place. Bold bright colors are back for 2020! This means a mixture of vibrant teals, lavenders, pinks, and greens are hitting the runways. With this trend blowing up, I have decided to create a few outfits that will blow minds for the upcoming months. Along with bright bold colors, metallics are have also been hitting the streets and the runways. These trends will begin emerging even more on the streets even more with string just around the corner! As I have mentioned before, you can always stay trendy while still expressing your true style and personality through various outfits. I hope these outfits influence you to be true to yourself while stunning everyone you meet and engage with this season! Make sure to use my code Sammyc10 to receive 10% off your entire order of clean cosmetics and skincare!

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