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The Best Relaxation Mask For The Fall Season!

The Best Relaxation Mask for the Fall Season!

Hi everyone and happy November! This last month for me was truly an amazing one. I got to celebrate my birthday, finish applying to colleges, went to another homecoming, and on top of all of that, I had school and work. With all that I had going on, I still made it a priority of mine to find time to relax. Many times I find myself getting stressed out with trying to finish all my tasks throughout the day while still keeping a smile on my face. One thing I love to say when I’m stressed out is to just breathe. Everything always seems to fall into place and it’s okay to take time out of your day for yourself to relax.

When I’m having a time of relaxation, I love to put on a face mask to make my skin feel refreshed and look radiant. For this month’s blog post, I decided to touch on the topic Best Relaxation Mask for the Fall Season. The face mask that I use for a go-to is the Ginamarie Clarifying Mint Mask. This face mask has a cooling sensation that makes you automatically feel less tense. Every time after I take off this mask, my skin feels as if all the stress that I once held in was lifted away and I have a fresh start to keep going.


I know everyone has a busy schedule and is always trying to stay on top of things, but once you get the chance, light a candle, get your favorite snack, and put on a face mask. I recommend trying the Clarifying Mint Mask! You can use my code: Deanna10 to receive 10% off your entire purchase if you get one! I hope everyone is having a great fall season like I am and remember when things start getting chaotic, just breathe.

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