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Taylor Cassian-Kicking Off Summer In Style

Taylor Cassian-Kicking Off Summer in Style

As college classes have come to an end and another semester finished, comes the time of year that everyone has been longing for-Summer! As my junior year has completed, this summer I decided to move back home from the University of Iowa and have some much needed me-time for the next few months. Being at home is a time I use to reflect on my past school year and take some time to focus on all aspects of my health. This summer I am focusing on bettering my mind, body, and spiritual health and in doing so have altered my usual college lifestyle which consists of always being on the go, and unfortunately at times neglecting my personal health and wellness. A goal this summer for me is to exercise daily in ways that I enjoy, whether it be going to the gym, running outdoors, or finding a new place to hike. I am focusing on filling my body with more natural, holistic foods and products to show my body how much I appreciate all it does for me, and to focus on feeling my best. One of my favorite Ginamarie Products I have tried this past month is the Clarifying Mint Mask. I use it once a week after washing my face and it is a perfect way to unwind before bed, and leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. I have noticed that my skin has been less oily, and some of my existing blemishes and redness has subsided. This is a product I highly recommend for any skin type to use, especially in this warmer weather. Here is to a summer of taking care of all aspects of my health and wellness and to being a GM Girl. I hope this post inspires any reader to take a few minutes out of everyday to remember how important you are and that we all deserve a little me-time now and then. Happy start of summer GM Girls! Make sure to use my code Taylor10 to receive 10% off your entire purchase!

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