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Take Your Makeup Look From Day To Night With A Few Simple Steps

Take Your Makeup Look From Day To Night With A Few Simple Steps

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are having an amazing holiday season filled with lots of family and food. I know during the holiday season it gets extra crazy so today I will be talking about day makeup look that can be turned simply into a night look with just a few steps. In the pictures below, it was my dad’s birthday and then we had a party for him at night. The keys to changing a day look into a night look are the lips, eyeshadow, and mascara. When it comes to day looks I usually do not put mascara on my lower lid. With not doing so it gives your look a more natural look as well.

In the first picture listed above I did not put on lower mascara, as well I put a shimmer lip gloss and on my eyes, I used the eyeshadows from GINAMARIE in the corner eyelid  I used Metal Peach and for the middle of the lid shimmering gold #8. Both of these eye shadows are perfect and complement each other perfectly for a day look.

At night I wanted to give my look an extra pop so I decided to change up my lip color and use red lipstick to give my look an extra pop. As well, I used mascara on my lower lashes to give that extra smoky look, I winged out more my eyeliner, and I used eyeshadow on my lower lid and used a darker brown on the corners of my eye to give it a more smokey look.

These tricks are perfect to change your look from day to night in a few simple steps I always think it is such a hassle to change your entire makeup look for the night! As a little new year’s present, I am giving you guys a 10% coupon that you guys can use on your purchase. So use the code nicole10 to get 10% your entire purchase. I also attached the link below to the eyeshadows I used. I know school is starting back up again so good luck with that! I will be studying abroad in Seville Spain this coming up spring semester so I cannot wait to bring you guys along with me and show you guys how my beauty and style routine changes. Mostly excited to get away from the cold lol!!!

Till next time and HAPPY NEW YEAR,

xxx Nicole


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