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Skylar McGill- Kick Off Summer In Style

Skylar McGill- Kick Off Summer In Style

It’s officially summer! No more waking up early for school or stressing for finals! Our bodies can officially catch a break and relax. During the summer, our skin is the clearest and tannest that it has been all year. I know for me, I like to change up my makeup routine during the summer. I like to make my eyes appear golden and bronzed. In order to accomplish this, I start by using my Ginamarie single shadow in the shade #23 Medium Brown in the crease of my eye. The thing that I love most about this shade is that it blends effortlessly and is extremely build-able. After applying the Medium Brown shadow, I apply a shimmer shade to the rest of my lid. This gives the effect of my eyes looking more awake and open. I finish off my eyes with a black mascara and liner. Summer time is the time of year where you can experiment with new skincare and makeup because your skin is at its strongest.

If you want to purchase the single shadows or any other Ginamarie products, use my code ‘skylar10’ for 10% off of your purchase. I’m so excited to share more tips and tricks with you guys this summer!


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