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Morgan Buck – Kick Off Summer In Style

Hello again! Its beginning to get hot and sunny and with that comes many changes with our clothes, makeup, and skincare! It is so crucial to protect our skin and keep it as healthy and glowy as possible during these hot months approaching us. For me I love to look fresh faced and wear as minimal make up as possible because usually I will just sweat it off… That is why  I like to use moisturizers and masks to keep my skin as nice as possible so I do not have to use foundations and other thicker products. I have began using the Clarifying Mint mask by Ginamarie. This mask helps by softly exfoliating the skin and treating acne, rosacea, and also sun damaged skin, which I personally love because everybody loves a good tan in the summer but do not understand how detrimental it is on your skin! We have to be good to our skin and do our part in taking care of it now and for the future and this mask is perfect for that coming into this summer! If you would like to give it a try use my code morgan10 for 10% off! The product will also be linked! Happy summer everyone!

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  1. Wow awesome information!! I totally agree about using less foundations because I sweat it off too I’ll totally be getting this product on my next purchase

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