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Sammy Deninger – Travel/Summer Vacation

Sammy Deninger – Travel/Summer Vacation


Hello hello!

Welcome to July aka the best month of the year (and not just because it’s my birthday month (;)! 

I feel like in the Midwest, we haven’t had super warm weather since summer started, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a vacation, or, for those like me with a busy work schedule, a STAYcation! 

In my opinion, I feel like everybody knows that the travel essentials include products that protect your skin from the sun. Obviously, this is important, but I think that a lot of people need some tricks and tips on makeup products to bring with them on vacation that will be quick, easy, and allow for more space for other essentials in their suitcase. 

The product that I enjoy on the daily, and that I would ESPECIALLY enjoy bringing on vacation is the GM eyeshadow in Metal Peach. The shade name describes itself. It is a shimmery peach eyeshadow with very fine micro glitters in it. The peach really brings out my blue eyes, too, which makes doing makeup very easy because I can use one color all over my lid and into my crease and people will not know it took less than 2 minutes to do my eyeshadow. As I mentioned before, it is extremely compact, and it comes with a mirror which eliminates the need to bring multiple eyeshadow colors and palettes. 

A lot of beauty “gurus” I follow always complain about how useless the doe foot applicator that comes with eyeshadows is; however, I LOVE them. Especially for travel, it fits right in the eyeshadow case, and it creates BEAUTIFUL pigment on the eyes. Most brushes just pick up a little bit of product that is barely noticeable, but the doe foot applicator makes the eyeshadow pigment very opaque. Here is how I use this product for a quick and easy look: 

  1. I will apply the color all over my lid 
  2. I take the same color and swipe it into my crease
  3. To give my eyes more dimension, I use the tip of the doe foot applicator to pick up the eyeshadow, and I put it on my lower lash line. This creates the look of eyeliner, and makes my eyes stand out even more, all while using ONE product. 

GM has so many different shades and finishes of these eyeshadows, and I am positive that everybody can find their perfect summer shade. When you do, make sure to use the code Sammy10 to get 10% off your order! 

Take some time to yourself, enjoy the weather while we have it, and remember… you don’t need a ton of different products to create a really beautiful makeup look. 

Talk soon!



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