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Olivia Battaglia-Kick Summer Off In Style

Olivia Battaglia-Kick Summer Off in Style

Schools out! Scream and Shout! Summer is finally here which means the sun will be shining and its time to relax! For me, that will take place in Las Vegas. A week of sun after a cold winter is just what I need to put me in the summertime mood.

This week’s blog will be all about my summer vacation “musts” which includes, of course, one of my favorite Ginamarie products and some other commodities for being in the sun. Here are some of my essentials for a perfect summer vacation: sunglasses, a yellow swimsuit, a sun hat, sunscreen, and Ginamarie’s Herbal Hydrating Mist.

Sunglasses are the first item on the list because who likes squinting? Then, a yellow swimsuit to match the sun rays shining on you. Next up is the hat. This add-on blocks the sun while also adding a trendy look to that swimsuit. Sunscreen! This item is a must when it comes to the sun. While it may not cause damage now, a burn can cause a lot of damage in the future. Burning your skin is never a positive thing and is very harmful to your skin. This summer make sure to protect it at all costs. Ginamarie’s Herbal Hydrating Mist is the biggest must on the list. This spray hydrates the skin after a long day in the sun preparing your face for a night out. It is completely holistic and water-based! Just two sprays of this after washing your face or applying makeup will make all the difference to your skin. You can purchase this product at 10% off on the Ginamarie website along with any other skincare or makeup products if you use my code, Olivia10. Happy summer everyone!


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