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Marianna Sanchez – Lucky To Have You

Marianna Sanchez – Lucky to Have You

Oh GM readers! Get your green gear ready because we are facing St. Patrick’s Day! I made the grave mistake of not wearing green last year and got pinched every five seconds. So learn from my mistake, I now have green shirts lined up and ready to go! I am going on tour with the Saint Mary’s College Women’s Choir and I need to be looking my best all of spring break. I know that I can count on my Ginamarie Products to keep me looking my best! Having those bright lights in my face I know that my makeup will stay in place. I can always rely on my Ginamarie Foundation to provide me great coverage and not leaving me feeling oily. Another thing I’ll need to help me face the cold in New York City is my Ginamarie Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion. I was never a lotion person, but now I am obsessed with this one in particular. It does not leave a filmy, oily feeling after I use it, but I also feel complete moisture. It is the best of both worlds! (Hannah Montana reference!) I would recommend this lotion to everyone because of these excellent qualities.

I am also going to brag again about my amazing Ginamarie Lipstick and Blush. I promise I have never had so many people compliment my makeup before I started using Ginamarie Products. I absolutely need my blush and lipstick everywhere I go. I know my GM products are going to have me looking my best on the Carnegie Hall stage!

Don’t forget to use the code “marianna10” to receive 10% off your purchase!



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