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Hanna Maheras – Kicking Off Summer In Style

Hanna Maheras – Kicking Off Summer In Style

Hello! Today I just wanted to share a few things about MAKEUP!! I have only gotten into make up this past year. I love watching YouTube videos about it and learning from my mom and friends. From the products that I received 2/3 were makeup items!! I love my Ginamarie eyeshadow. I have a pink shimmery color called regal rose. It is super pretty on its own but if you want to spice it up just blend a medium brown shade into your crease. As much as I love my eyeshadow. I love my lipgloss even more. I have the golden pink shade. I use it everyday! My daily summer makeup is normally very light. I begin by using a tinted sunscreen, a bit of mascara and my Ginamarie lip gloss. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll put on concealer and my Ginamarie eyeshadow, and a little bronzer, blush, and of course highlight!! During the hot summer months I don’t really like to put a foundation on because I just sweat it off!!!

I am a true believe in the look good feel good saying. This summer I am really trying to take care of my skin and develop a routine to keep me productive and putting on a little make up in the morning definitely gets me going. I must say that my favorite part of my routine is my new lipgloss! If you are looking for a really nice lipgloss definitely try out the Ginamarie glosses and use my code hanna10!


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