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Claire Quigle – Kick Off Summer In Style

Claire Quigle – Kick Off Summer In Style

Hello everyone! I am so excited and happy that it’s finally summer. With it finally warming up, I am allowed to spend more time outside, which is where I love to be! I love running outdoors, as well as going for bike rides. I have a very busy summer planned, as I am taking 3 classes, and working at my local country club. Aside from doing lots of work, I just got back from Hawaii, and am headed to Jamaica in July! Hawaii was beautiful. It was nice to have a relaxing vacation before the craziness of summer began. In Jamaica, I will be doing mission work, which I am so excited for!

While I love being busy, it can sometimes be quite stressful trying to balance so many things at once. Busy days with little sleep can take a toll on you after awhile! Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep every night, and taking good care of yourself. Stress, along with the changing of the seasons can sometimes cause skin issues. Personally, I always struggle with having dry skin as the weather gets warmer. With the traveling I just did, it seems to be a little worse than normal! To help, I’ve been using the Ginamarie Clarifying Mint Mask. This product is water-based, and is a deep cleanser and gentle exfoliator. It increases circulation which helps your skin look brighter and healthier.

If your skin is anything like mine, the Ginamarie Clarifying Mint Mask is the product for you. Perfect to bring along in your pool bag, or in your carry on if you find yourself traveling on a plane. I hope the beginning of your summer is filled with lots of fun!


At checkout, use the code ‘Claire10’ for 10% off your purchase of the Clarifying Mint Mask!


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