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Kelly Burke – Flourish Into Clear Skin

Kelly Burke – Flourish Into Clear Skin


One of the easiest and most efficient ways to promote clear skin is to wash your face in the morning and night. I use the holistic products in Ginamarie’s Mini SkinCare Kit. After washing, my face thoroughly with the Liquid Loofah Cleanser, I refresh my skin with the Hydrating Mist which provides a healthy amount of moisture to the skin without weighing it down. These hydrating qualities come from the products aloe base combined with Ginamarie’s special herbal blend. After a thorough cleanse, I lather a thin coat of the Marine Mint Mask onto my face. Not only do I feel relaxed when using this product, but so does my skin. Ultimately, by using Ginamarie’s natural products, my skin does not become irritated or stressed. Let’s all flourish into clear skin this April by using my coupon code, kelly10, at checkout for 10% of your entire purchase.


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