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How To Survive The First Semester Back To School.

How to survive the first semester back to school.

Hello Beauty Lovers,

AHHH I’m already 5 weeks into my sophomore year!!! That is crazy to me. I hope you guys are enjoying your friend and game days. I know the first month is very overwhelming for everyone so I am gonna share with you guys 4 tips that I wish someone told me. 

  1. ALWAYS have time management skills- you will not be able to survive college without time management skills. You will feel overwhelmed and stressed out if you do not plan out what you are gonna do for the day. What I like to do is use my planner to write down all the assignments for each day and in-between write down events occurring that certain day.
  2. Use office hours when available. Do not be afraid to reach out to your professors. That is what they are there for – to help you out!! Not only are office hours helpful but as well you get to create a closer bond with your professor
  3. Do not study till the last minute for an exam. In order for you to not have a sleepover at the library separate the materials into different days. That way you retain the information for each chapter better and you do not feel overwhelmed last minute
  4. Always have a little mini make up bag in your back pack. For long days that I am at the library or getting stuff done I always have a mini make up bag that includes my GINAMARIE Herbal E Oil, mascara, concealer and a lip gloss. Not only will this make you feel better but as well if you are trying to impress a special someone you are prepared after a long day out. 
  5. Last but not least GO HAVE FUN!!! You will never get these four years back so enjoy them to the fullest. Go out spontaneously spend as much time with your closest friends because in a blink of an eye you will be walking on a stage to receive a diploma.

I love my GINAMARIE Herbal E Oil because it gives me a radiant glow that last throughout the whole day. As you can tell from my pictures Notre Dame had a game day!!! Those events are very very long but thanks to my GINAMARIE Herbal E Oil my skin stays radiant throughout the entire day. Not only that I use it as a primer so my makeup does not look as cakey. The Herbal E Oil also nourishes, diminishes fine lines and scarring in the skin. I would die for this product- that’s how much I love it. You can see that I am almost out of it and I am 100% buying another bottle ASAP. 

I linked below the product so GOOOO BUY IT. As well use my code “nicole10” for 10% of your purchase!

Until next time xx


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