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Healthy Habits to Have During the Pandemic

It is a crazy time for all of us. Many of our daily routines have been altered and life as we knew it has changed indefinitely. These times create an easy excuse to throw your good habits out the window. It might feel like some things are out of our hands, but there are some aspects of your life that you have full control over.

The first being sleep. Sleeping for approximately 8 hours each night is important to our health. I challenge you to use this time as an opportunity to rethink your sleep schedule if it was not very good 2 months ago. Although you may be feeling at bit sad or lonely, try to set and alarm and get up at a decent time in the morning and leave sleeping in for Saturday and Sunday. The next habit is to get dressed in the morning. Do not lounge around in pajamas all day, get dressed and see how productive and motivated this habit will make you. Put on a little bit of makeup, too! It does not need to be heavy, but enough to make you feel like a real human being. A little GINAMARIE eyeshadow and mascara is perfect! Try some Liquigloss for natural sparkle or go all-out with GM’s lipstick. They have shades for everyone!

Eating healthy is a good habit for any time of the year, but if your gym is closed and you are not as active in quarantine, this habit is even more important. Eat a healthy breakfast and load up on fruits and vegetables. Healthy food will help you feel more energized throughout the day. If your gym has locked its doors, take some long walks around your neighborhood for some fresh air.

When it is time for bed after a hard day’s work, do not neglect your nightly skincare routine. I recommend using GM’s Liquid Loofah Cleanser as a face wash. Apply the Herbal E Oil and Nutrient Serum at night as well. Now go catch some Zs and do it again tomorrow!

All the GM Girls are thinking about you during these tough times. Treat yourself to some new products and use my coupon code, Elyse10, for a discount!

Liquid Loofah Cleanser

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