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Get Inspired By Our GM Girls!

Once a month our beauty experts will share their passion on skincare, cosmetics and beauty. Their monthly posts, pictures and videos will give you tips on caring for the needs of your skin, makeup application, fashion and so much more. Our GM Girls are ambassadors to both our products and our brand. They represent GINAMARIE Products by being positive and inspirational leaders. GM Girls Make A Difference!

GM Girls Beauty Blog

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Meet Our GM Girls

Michaela Phelps

Michaela Phelps College of Dupage Speech ...
Meet Me

Elyse Paul

Elyse Paul Saint Mary's College Communication ...
Meet Me

Nicole Leon

Nicole Leon Saint Mary's College ...
Meet Me

Sammy Deninger

Sammy Deninger Marquette University Nursing ...
Meet Me

Kylie Jungles

Kylie Jungles Rush Medical College ...
Meet Me

Deanna Fields

Deanna Fields Downers Grove North ...
Meet Me

Delaney Triezenberg

Delaney Triezenberg University of Alabama ...
Meet Me

Lauren Bruss

Lauren Bruss Colombia College Marketing ...
Meet Me

Sammy Cunningham

Sammy Cunningham Colombia College Product ...
Meet Me

Abigail Mabry

Abigail Mabry Saint Mary's College ...
Meet Me

Brooke Weber

Brooke Weber Loyola University Chicago ...
Meet Me
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