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Ginamarie Products is excited about our – GM Girls’ Internship Program.

This innovative platform utilizing social media is designed for high school, college girls & young women. Our GM Girls inspire others through monthly articles posted on our blog. These blog posts contain beauty tips and tricks, and are posted on the interns’ personal social media accounts in order to reach their peers. I started this internship program because I truly believe there is a missing link for young girls and women. Today, there are many mixed messages about what it means to be beautiful. Our GM Girls are the role models of what true beauty stands for, and understand that beauty is more encompassing than the media portrays. Our GM Girls will share their expertise on skincare, cosmetics and beauty through our website giving monthly tips & tricks on caring for the needs of your skin, make-up application, fashion and so much more.


What is a GM Girls Internship?

An opportunity for beauty lovers to share their awe-inspiring work through photography, writing, and blogging. Our GM Girls have a passion for skincare, makeup, beauty and fashion. This monthly commitment allows GM Girls to fit this internship into their busy schedules. Articles must be a minimum of 150 words and include two pictures or a video reflecting the featured topic.

Why should I be part of GM Girls?

What’s better than to share your passion for beauty with others plus gain recognition for your talents? Our GM Girls are the epitome of what true beauty means. Through their writing and photographs or videos, our GM Girls inspire others to know what it means to be a strong, beautiful, young woman. Healthy skin and beautiful skin is what every girl desires. The GM Girls mission is to help others along this path and to enhance the beauty that lies within each of us. Educating  women on caring for their skin through effective skincare products and clean cosmetics is at the heart of the GM Girls’ Internship Program. They are role models to women around the world!

What are the benefits of being a GM Girl?

  • Ginamarie Products complimentary starter kit valued at $115.00 includes the skincare and makeup you will be featuring in your monthly articles.
  • Gain tremendous amount of experience to add to your resume.
  • Receive 30% off all skincare and cosmetics. (for personal use only)
  • Exclusive giveaways for GM Girls.
  • You receive one-on-one skincare and makeup consultations with our skincare specialist, Gina Marie.
  • Participate in our Refer A Friend Program and receive coupons to be used toward your favorite products. Plus monthly GM Girl incentives.
  • Increase experience in social media marketing and sales.

What’s required of GM Girls?

  • One video or article and two pictures per month featuring the specific skincare or makeup product.
  • Share your awesome pictures or video on your personal social media platforms twice a month.
  • Tag Ginamarie Products in the social media posts.
  • Represent Ginamarie Products with integrity and professionalism and maintain our reputation.
  • Internship Time-Frame Requirement:    *3 months    *8 months    *12 months

GM Girl’s Words of Wisdom

Make a difference by submitting a graphic or picture containing one quote from your article that you think will inspire others. This is your opportunity to use your creative skills. You have the control to pick out your quote, font, and background!  Please note: this is a requirement of your internship, this added bonus is beneficial for a few reasons: We want all of our GM Girls to excel further in their photography and creative skills through this internship. The quotes and graphics you submit beyond your monthly articles will all be featured on our Pinterest Board, as well as, many will be posted throughout our social media platforms. This will give you the extra credibility of being an expert in creativity, writing, photography, social media, and marketing.encouraged for a few reasons. 

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