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Enhance Your Resume By Joining Our Internship Program.
Become A GM Girl!

What Is A GM Girl?

GM Girls have a passion for skincare, makeup, beauty, fashion, and healthy lifestyles. A GM Girl is a leader amongst their peers while inspiring true beauty through confidence and grace. They promote a positive self image and empower those around them!

Why Should I Become a GM Girl?

What’s better than to share your passion for beauty and wellness with others and gain recognition for your writing, photography, and videography skills? Our GM Girls epitomize what true beauty means. The GM Girls mission is to help others along this path and to enhance the beauty that lies within each of us. Educating women on how to care for their skin, lead a healthy lifestyle, and sharing insider makeup tips is at the heart of the GM Girls’ Internship Program. They are role models to women around the world!

What Does the Internship Entail?

An opportunity for beauty lovers to share their awe-inspiring work through photography, writing, and blogging. Perfect for enhancing communication and marketing skills, social media promotion, journalistic blogging, photography and videography. This internship is an awesome opportunity to earn college credits. This monthly commitment allows GM Girls to fit this internship into their busy schedules.

This internship was founded because GINAMARIE recognizes that there is a missing link for young girls and women. Today, there are many mixed messages about what it means to be beautiful. Our GM Girls are the role models of what true beauty stands for, and understand that beauty is more encompassing than the media portrays.  Our intern’s skincare and makeup tutorials, insider advice, and benefits for a healthy lifestyle are what our avid followers look forward to monthly.

What are the Benefits of being a GM Girl?

  • Receive complimentary GINAMARIE holistic skincare and clean cosmetic products during your internship.
  • You will gain a tremendous amount of experience to add to your resume.
  • Opportunity to obtain college credits.
  • Receive 30% off all skincare and cosmetics. (for personal use only)
  • Exclusive giveaways for GM Girls.
  • You receive one-on-one skincare and makeup consultations with our skincare specialists.
  • Awesome incentives every month
  • Increase experience in social media, marketing, sales, writing and so much more.

What’s Required of GM Girls?

  • One video or blog post and four pictures per month highlighting skincare, makeup, or lifestyle.
  • GM Words of Wisdom – submit a graphic or picture containing one quote from your blog post that you think will inspire others. This is your opportunity to use your creative skills.
  • Share your awesome pictures or video on your personal social media platforms twice a month and tag GINAMARIE products in your social media posts.
  • Represent GINAMARIE products with integrity and professionalism.
  • Share the message of inspiring true beauty and empowering women to feel confident in their own skin.
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