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Fitness, Health, Hobbies That Make You A Mentally Healthy Person

Fitness, health, hobbies that make you a mentally healthy person


I AM SPAINNNNN!!!!! Crazy right?!?!?! I hope you guys are having a good semester if you are in school. I know this time is very stressful but today I am sharing with you guys some fitness, health, and hobbies that keep me mentally healthy.

One of the things that put me in a zen mode especially during stressful times is the stress candles from bath and body works. I love those so much they have such strong scent and are infused with oils that relax you. I think fitness is the key to staying mentally healthy. I love going on a run it clears my head and allows me to distract myself.

You don’t have to go on a run you can always go on a walk or do some type of physical activity. This is great for your mental health because your body relives some of the stress and as well you burn some calories while doing it (; Some hobbies that I love doing that keeps me mentally healthy are hanging out with friends. This is an essential key to keeping a healthy mentality because they are your support system. It is always nice to talk with someone about what is going on in your life. Your friends will allow you to vent and have your back when are feeling down. When I get overwhelmed I usually panic because I think I do not have time for everything. To relax and avoid this I like to write and schedule time slots for everything I have to do on that day.

After doing this I realize it is not that bad and I feel relaxed and organized over what I have to do for that certain day. I love having some me time also. Sometimes I get very overwhelmed with everything and love pampering myself. I usually turn my stress candle on put a face mask on and watch Netflix and this resets me. So treat yourself you deserve it. I can not wait to start sharing more pictures and experiences with you guys about my journey abroad. If you want to try any of my skincare or makeup products use the code nicole10 to receive 10% off your purchase!



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