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Fashion Inspirations To Get You Through The Winter!

Fashion Inspirations to Get You Through the Winter!

Welcome to 2020 everyone! I am happy to start off the year by sharing a fun blog post with all of you! This month’s topic for me is, “ Fashion Inspirations to Get You Through the Winter” and I’ll be giving you a little insight to what I keep in my closet this time of year. Take a look!

  • Long fur-lined coats

One of my favorite things that comes with the wintertime is the ability to wear different coats to fit a certain style. My personal favorite style for coats this year is a long fur-lined button down. This has become a bold winter style trend that creates a sophisticated, classy, put-together look that looks great open or closed as one walks around in the cold.

  • Beanie hats and scarves

Next up, beanies and scarves. This is the perfect duo to face the cold and could be dressed up or down. Beanies are great when trying to keep your ears and head warm, cover that very bad hair day, or a way to finish an outdoor look. Pairing a beanie with a warm scarf is always great to add to an outfit.

  • Mock turtle necks

One of my favorite shirt styles for the winter are mocked long sleeve turtle necks! They are low enough to where you feel like your neck isn’t being suffocated, but it is such a cute look to pair with some jeans and maybe some every day sneakers. This is a style shirt I love to wear to school to feel more dressed up than usual but still very comfortable.

  • A good pair of duck boots

Duck boots are a shoe that happens to be my go-to in the wintertime. They are nice and warm and withstand any snow or rain that comes my way. They are also a very versatile shoe that can be worn more casual or very stylistic.

  • Sherpas!!

Lastly, this winter one of the biggest style trends I have seen the most is wearing sherpas! I personally love them. They come in many different styles and they can be dressed up or down. I know that when I’m wearing a sherpa, I will be kept warm all throughout the day.

I hope you all enjoyed my winter fashion insight and I also hope you have a great start to your new year! Don’t forget, if you are shopping on, use my code: Deanna10 to get 10% off your entire purchase! Happy new year everyone!

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