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What are the Benefits of Clean Cosmetics?

We hear a lot about “clean cosmetics” today, especially as our generation tries harder to care for our bodies and our environment. People are living longer than ever and that is due to the notion of self-care. Clean cosmetics are part of good self-care and I am here to describe to you why they are important!

I am going to share two major reasons why you should choose clean cosmetics (and skincare) for yourself and your family. The first is that clean cosmetics reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals and other irritants. Have you ever read the ingredients on the back of your cosmetics or skincare and couldn’t even pronounce the words? These are most likely chemically made ingredients that, especially if you do not know what they are, will most likely harm or even damage your skin in the long-term. Most of us, especially younger people, do not think about their skin in the long-term, but if you are using sunscreen and applying clean cosmetics, you are already ahead of the game!

My second reason you should choose clean cosmetics is because it works for all skin types. Do you have sensitive skin? You should be using clean cosmetics! Is your skin not sensitive? You should still choose clean cosmetics. Clean cosmetics will reduce breakouts or redness in your skin. GINAMARIE Products’ clean cosmetics or skincare is water based, which is much safer on all skin types. It has much fewer ingredients and is light. GINAMARIE’s makeup is buildable, which increases its versatility as glam or everyday makeup. It gives you an option to lighten the products on your face, so your makeup does not feel “cakey.” It also decreases the chance of your pores getting clogged.

Remember, that not all “clean” cosmetics are created equal. Just look at the label on the back and see for yourself. GINAMARIE Products promotes holistic cosmetics and skincare. It provides products beneficial for men, women, and children, proving its safe, clean, and healthy!

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