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Staying Healthy During the Pandemic

Since I discovered the rest of my school semester had been moved to online learning, I was devastated (and still am). Many social events

I was looking forward to and a dance performance I was cast in were either canceled or postponed. Now that I am at home in quarantine, it’s been hard to stay motivated, but I have found some ways to stay healthy and keep my mind active during these uncertain times and I am excited to share them with you!

Taking walks around my neighborhood has been a great and easy way for me and my family to stay healthy together. It is a simple way to burn some calories, get fresh air, and clear your mind. Try saying some meditative prayers while you walk or try to silence your mind from any worries or uncertainty you may have during this time.

I am an avid dancer at school. I have danced all my life and being stuck inside has made me realize how much I love it. The worst part is that many dance studios in my area have closed due to the pandemic, so I can’t take class. I have discovered many professional dancers are livestreaming barre workouts and following along with them has kept me motivated. One of my friends also recommended a YouTube Channel, Yoga With Adriene, that helps her stay active. Her videos are fun and easy to follow. Now is the time to try something you’ve never tried before, like yoga! There are plenty of other channels on YouTube with workouts to follow along with.

We often talk about physical health when staying healthy, but what about your mental health? Lately I have been looking to my trusty coloring books for support. I have also been busy making puzzles, doing crosswords, and journaling. These activities help keep my brain sharp and sane. You could also try giving yourself a deserved spa day! Apply your favorite Ginamarie mask and relax or take a bath and use GM’s Face & Body Lotion! You decide what is right for you!

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