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Elizabeth Stockwell- Makeup Role Models

Elizabeth Stockwell- Makeup Role Models

As a dancer, I first learned how to apply makeup for the stage lights. When I entered high school though, I wanted to learn how to apply makeup for an everyday look. My mother, aunts, friends, and older cousins all had their own tips and tricks to applying makeup and I will share a few with you!

Foundation was very confusing to me. I never knew what my shade was or how much to apply. I was told to test foundation shades on my neck instead of my hand or arm to make sure that it matches my face. I was also instructed to blend it into my neck and onto my ears to make it look more natural. These tips helped me find the right shade and make it look natural! Ginamarie’s foundation is perfect for those who are just learning how to do their makeup because it’s lightweight and you can build it up to get as much coverage as you would like.

I loved to play with eye shadow but I was not sure how to tone it down for school or an afternoon with my friends. Because I did not want to wear eyeliner to school, someone suggested that I used a dark eye shadow and an eyeliner brush to create the illusion of eye liner. This tip is great for a subtle look. One tip that I learned recently is that some eye shadows, like Ginamarie’s, can be applied with water. This will decrease the eye shadow’s intensity for a great day-time look. I have absolutely loved every shade of Ginamarie eye shadow that I have tried. I currently love the Twilight Sparkle color!

As a dancer, I was always told to wear as much blush as possible so my face wouldn’t be “washed out” in the stage lights, and this sometimes lead me to look like I was wearing clown makeup. Not a cute look for high school! I was taught to apply a small amount at a time and blend it in using circular motions. You can always add more blush if you want but it is much more difficult to remove blush if it becomes too dark. Another fun trick I learned about blush is that you can apply a light sweep across your cheeks and the bride of your nose to get that perfect sun-kissed glow. Ginamarie’s blush in Suntan Glow is great for a natural tan look!

What I love about Ginamarie Product’s makeup is that it is perfect for a subtle daytime look but also for formal events or a night out. There are products and shades for every occasion!

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