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Deanna Fields – New GM Girl!

Deanna Fields – New GM Girl!

New Beginnings!

Hi everyone! My name is Deanna Fields and I am one of your newest GM Girls! I’m a high school senior that loves to experience with skincare and make-up all while living a lifestyle to help better myself and others. By becoming a GM Girl, I now have the amazing opportunity to share with many of you my cool tips and tricks when it comes to dealing with a lifestyle change, skincare, fashion dilemmas, and make-up! By being a student-athlete that is involved in many clubs and has a job, the majority of the time the last thing on my mind is self-care. Self-care is something that many people fail to acknowledge in their daily life. We are all so caught up in preparing for the future that we often forget to take time for ourselves in the moment. By being a GM Girl I now have the opportunity to focus on myself and show others how they can take time for themselves too! Ginamaire has the perfect products that help ensure self-care and I hope you get the chance to experience with them too. Give Ginamarie products a try! Use my promo code: Deanna10 to receive 10% off your order. I hope that you all enjoy my journey as becoming a GM Girl!

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