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Deanna Fields – Fall In Love With Healthy Skin

Deanna Fields – Fall In Love With Healthy Skin

Hi my beautiful people and welcome to the start of fall season! I know for me, my school routine is back in full swing and I am using up just about every hour of my day. The idea of balancing schoolwork, a job, and a healthy lifestyle can become challenging when I have so many things to get done. To keep myself on track, I like to think of what always comes next, and how I can make the next day better than my last. Having a positive mindset truly can change the outcome of my day and I bet it can for you too!


Sometimes I find it hard to de-stress and just take time for myself since I am always so busy! Living a healthy lifestyle needs a balance between working to finish your daily goals, but also taking time for yourself. One way I like to balance out my day is by going to the gym. I love running miles until I feel like my legs might just fall off! By working up a sweat in the gym, I find myself feeling more relaxed and it makes me feel strong. If you want a good way to ease your mind and build yourself up, hitting the gym is one thing you might enjoy! If you do go, make sure you wash your face to remove all that sweat. Whenever I get home from working out, I love using the GINAMARIE Liquid Loofah Cleanser to rinse my face to make it feel nice and refreshed. I use this cleanser before I go to school, after the gym, and even before I go to bed. A little of this cleanser goes a long way and I definitely think you should give it a try! Use my code: Deanna10 to receive 10% off your entire purchase! Smile on!



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