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Does Exercise Really Give You Better Skin?

Does Exercise Really Give You Better Skin?

Hi everyone and welcome back to another Deanna Fields blog post. As far as how my life is going, it is great! Time has been this unstable force and I catch myself chasing after weekends because they tend to just fly by. Recently I have done some cool things like go to homecoming, did a blacklight 5k, and have just been focusing on school.

You may ask what I do with my free time or when do I have free time? I always try to find a way to enjoy the small moments I have, and within those small moments, I love working out. This month I wanted to touch on the topic Does Exercise Really Give You Better Skin? Just by personal experience, I have learned that when I exercise I find myself having more radiant skin. This is because when people sweat during workouts it’s causing their pores to dilate giving all the build-up that was in your skin a chance to escape. Fun tip: Always wash your face after so the build-up that was once in your pores doesn’t get trapped again!

One thing that truly impacts one’s skin is the amount of stress and anxiety an individual could be feeling. When an individual is feeling high amounts of stress this can cause a hormone imbalance that causes their hormone glands in their body to produce more oils. Excess oil can get trapped in the skin causing these breakouts to happen. A way to lower high amounts of stress can be done through physical activity! I like to use fitness as an outlet for me to get out these feelings and I find my overall body feeling more refreshed.

So back to the question, Does Exercising Really Give You Better Skin? Based off of personal experience, I truly believe it does. It is not just the exercise you can rely on though. I believe if you exercise and have a proper skin routine you will be able to maintain great skin and also improve it. If you are in search of more products to add to your skincare routine GINAMARIE Products is a must. Use my code: Deanna10 to receive 10% off your entire purchase. Have fun building your skin routine and working up a sweat!

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