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Skylar McGill- Fall In Love With Healthy Skin

Skylar McGill- Fall In Love With Healthy Skin

Hey guys! I hope your summer has been going well and I’m sad to say my summer is over. I’ve been back in school for the past two weeks and it has been rough. Being in school means stress, hours of makeup, rubbing your eyes with your hands, and acne. So much bacteria gathers on your hands and face throughout the day and clogs your pores. It is super important to have a fresh and clean base when applying makeup because it will help limit breakouts and will help with a smooth and even application of foundation. My favorite thing to use to help refresh my skin in the morning is the GINAMARIE “Herbal Hydrating Mist”. It has ingredients that are amazing for the skin and help your complexion glow and stay clear. If you use it everyday for about a month, you will see major improvements in your skin’s appearance.

If you want to purchase the Herbal Hydrating Mist or any other GINAMARIE Products, use my code ‘skylar10’ for 10% off of your purchase.

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