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Are You Wearing Makeup During This Time. If So, What are You Wearing?

Hi everyone and happy May! First off, I would like to start off this month’s post by saying I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. During a time like this, I understand how frustrating and difficult it can be. I hope that you all have found ways to take care of yourself. For this month’s topic, I was asked the question, if I was wearing makeup during this time. If I was, what am I wearing? I actually have been wearing quite a bit of makeup. Putting on makeup for me has been a way to take care of myself. I normally would wear makeup to school or when I would go out, so doing my makeup even while being stuck at home has brought some normalcy back into my life.


When doing my makeup right now, I like to do a normal face routine (foundation, concealer, contour, and highlight), but then I like to change it up by creating different eyeshadow looks. These are looks that I normally wouldn’t wear going out but they are fun to play with!


Again, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I have found that a good way to spend my time right now is by doing different things that I love, trying something new, and overall just keeping myself busy. Those are some things I recommend that have helped me stay sane during quarantine and I think it would help others too. Another thing is, of course, retail therapy and using discount codes! If you find yourself shopping for some new skincare on the GINAMARIE’S website, use my code: Deanna10 for 10% off your entire purchase. Have a fantastic month of May everyone.

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