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Anna McCambridge – Lucky To Have You

Anna McCambridge – Lucky to Have You



Hi friends! Welcome back to GM Beauty Blogs, it’s your favorite girl ready to discuss SKINCARE! I’m going to keep it simple this month…. Why? Because skincare IS simple! I’m sure you’ve all ready those age old nuggets of skincare wisdom.. Don’t pick at your skin, drink more water, don’t wear heavy makeup. If you’ve ever watched a skincare commercial I’m sure you’ve heard each of those tips…


But what do you do when that just isn’t enough? Well friends, listen up. This is where it gets good. I’ve struggled with small tiny bumps under my skin for years. They aren’t super visible, but I don’t like them. They are imperfections and I wanted them GONE.  It’s not acne, not cysts, but rather small build up of trapped oil and protein. My dermatologist recommend several creams and facials, but quite honestly, I was on a college budget at the time.


That’s when I began using Ginamarie Products Rejuvenation Creme. This is NOT to be confused with moisturizer and should only be used in the morning. This light and airy creme is an anti-aging creme that increases the skin’s strength, brightness, and revitalize the over all surface. It helps by resurfacing the skin by encouraging the skin to produce new and healthy cells. By bringing some of my little bumps to the surface, they eventually shrunk or went away completely. Thank goodness, something works!


Thank you Ginamarie Products for giving my skin a chance! If you too would like to try to rejuvenation creme, you can use my code “anna10” for 10% off your entire order!


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