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Anna Guerra- Kick Off Summer In Style

Anna Guerra- Kick Off Summer In Style

The Summer is time to try new things, break habits, and explore as much as possible. The summer is full of opportunities and I know I’ll be working on my makeup skills. Whether it’s summer days or a night out I use my Ginamarie shimmery gold eyeshadow. This eyeshadow is just the right shade of gold and perfect amount of shimmer. When I apply my makeup I know I want the right shades to make my eyes pop. Using a shimmery eyeshadow is perfect for me because it draws the right attention to my eyes and it’s subtle gold. Another reason why I love the eyeshadow is because it’s something that I would not have to reapply while I’m out. The eyeshadow is a light even layer and lasts for a while. Makeup is something that takes time to learn but it is doable. I want girls to be comfortable with trying out new makeup techniques because makeup is not impossible. Even though makeup has hundreds of techniques, it’s doable. Ginamarie natural clean makeup makes me feel beautiful and I don’t need to apply several layers. Ginamarie’s Clean Cosmetics make your skin feel healthy and beautiful!  We need to be comfortable with going out of our comfort zone. To try some of Ginamarie’s awesome products use my code Anna10 to receive 10% off your entire order! Enjoy!!

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