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Top 5 Accessories For The Chilly Weather

Top 5 Accessories for the Chilly Weather



Chilly weather is finally here! Excited? Maybe not… but the outfits are the best part! I am going to tell you guys what my top 5 accessories are for this fall weather!

  1. Big Sweaters

My absolute favorite part about chilly weather are the big,chunky sweaters! In this Indiana cold, big sweaters are always a good idea, keeping you warm and so cute. Chunky turtlenecks are my personal favorite, so cozy!

  1. Beanies

The many options in beanies makes it so fun for fall! You can really add a lot to an outfit by just throwing on a beanie whether its casual or not. Beanies with pom poms are my favorite!

  1. Booties

You can never go wrongwith a good pair of booties! Heels or not, booties are perfect for this transitional weather and add a perfect touch to all outfits. My booties have been through many seasons and I love them!

  1. Scarves

Blanket scarves are so trendy and the best for the fall! Personally, I am always cold, so big scarves are perfect for keeping me warm all fall and winter! You also have so many options in colors and patterns, you can never go wrong.

  1. Vests

Last but not least… who doesn’t love vests? Amazing for chilly weather before we break out the parkas. Good for this transitional weather and again, so many options! From puffers to tweed to fur, vests can literally get thrown over any outfit.

Along with fashion accessories, moisturizer is a MUST for chilly weather. GINAMARIE has incredible products to keep your skin smoothand hydrated as this cold weather takes over. By using code “abigail10” you can get 10% off your order!!




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