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The Perfect Holiday Party Outfit

The Perfect Holiday Party Outfit

The perfect holiday party outfit… decisions.. decisions.. If it takes you weeks to plan your holiday party outfits, I am here to help! Here is a list of things you cannot go without when deciding what to wear for a holiday party!!

1. Anything red, duh!

For a holiday party, you of course have to dress in the color of the season! Which would be red of course! A red top can make you the center of attention and is a holiday essential.

2. Leather pants

I mean who doesn’t love some faux leather?! Leather pants are the perfect way to really spice up an outfit for the holidays. Everyone will be asking you where you got them.

3. Sequins/ Glitter/ Sparkles in general

It’s the holidays.. so you have to sparkle in one way or another! Whether that is an accessory, shirt, shoes, or anything you have to shine! personally I go for the accessories, maybe a hair clip or small purse to go with your ensemble.

4. Two words: Black Booties

Black booties go with literally everything.. and you cannot go without a pair this holiday season! Booties are only the biggest trend ever right now.. so it only seems right you wear a pair to the holiday party.

5. Festive nails

This may seem small, but freshly done nails can make you feel like a new woman! Personally I go for the darker colors, but a true red or gold nails will give any outfit a perfect pop!


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