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Pieces That You Can Carry Over From Winter Into Spring

Pieces that you can carry over from winter into spring

Hello beauty lovers,

This weekend I was in Gibraltar!!! Crazy right. Today I’m sharing with you pieces that you can carry over from winter to spring.

Being abroad definitely taught me how to do that especially with the weather in Spain! I’m gonna share with you three essentials that you can bring over to spring. The first is a cute sweater. It is definitely still cold in the spring so wearing it over a light jacket can make any outfit look elegant and chic at the same I definitely use them all the time like the picture below.


Another essential is a blazer it is definitely one of my favorite piece of clothing that you can mix and match with different types of outfits you can also use one to go out at night. I love to do that because they aren’t as bulky as other jackets. 

One of my favorite go-to for the spring are white jeans. I wear white jeans with pretty much everything. They are so cute and give the outfit an extra pop. I have so many different types of white jeans it is definitely an essential in my closet. I hope school is going amazing for you guys this month I’m going to Lisbon, Granada, Ibiza, and Maracoo so I can’t wait to show you the pictures from all these places 



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